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  • Jack Wong

Histone Chaperone FACT complex in oxidative stress response

Jialing’s paper on FACT complex in oxidative stress response has been published in Gut. Big congratulation!!

In this study, Jialing showed that FACT complex is essential for NRF2-dependent oxidative stress adaptation. Oxidative stress stabilized FACT complex by inhibiting KEAP1 mediated ubiquitination and degradation. Stabilized FACT complex forms a feed-forward loop with NRF2. On one hand, NRF2 acts as a transcriptional factor to promote the transcription of FACT complex. On the other hand, FACT complex facilitates the expression of NRF2 and its down-stream antioxidant genes by serving as a histone chaperone to enable a rapid passage of RNA polymerase during transcriptional elongation. Targeting FACT complex suppressed HCC growth and sensitized HCC to Sorafenib treatment (Shen J et al., Gut 2019 doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2019-318668).

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